Low cost software soltions for NEC3 using Electronic Performance Support System EPSS approach
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Low cost mapping solutions using Google Maps

We can develop low cost yet very useful mapping solutions maximising the use of using powerful technologies behind Google Maps and Google Earth.

Here is a great low cost software solution which gives us a glimpse into how all location-based information could be dispayed in Google Maps fashion in the future.

Google Mashup - flood map

The mapping solution allows you to click on an area on the UK Google Map on left hand side panel and load the corresponding environmental map from UK Environmental Agency Web site to appear in right hand side panel. This is a very simple and a fast means of relating site locations to rivers, floodplains, landfill sites, waste management facilities etc. For example, we can easily find answers to questions like: how far is this location to the nearest floodplain? would sites X,Y and Z be affected if the landfill site they used is closed next year ? Are there other local landfill sites they could use ? We need recycled aggregate for a new scheme, do we have a demolition nearby that could provide the material ?

Another possible use is in the area of facilities management. All you need is to know where the facility is or to know its post code to plot it on a Google Map. It is then possible to link the facility information to related data in other systems, either on the Web or local network, providing a reporting tool and also a querying facility to perform simple but very powerful searches. At the simple level it would be very easy to link each facility location with some basic data. This might include:

  1. Property name and address
  2. A site photo
  3. The best resolution aerial photo of the locale
  4. Facilities Manager's name & contact details
  5. Contractor details:- waste, M&E, cleaning, landscaping, security
  6. Flood risk survey
  7. Listed building status; conservation area etc.
  8. Site hazardous waste registration number
  9. Waste carriers´┐Ż licences for companies servicing the site
  10. Waste management licences for sites where waste is taken
  11. as-built drawings, asbestos surveys etc.

This kind of mapping solutions based on Google Maps are very simple but potentially unlimited in what they can draw together. The uses are endless!

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