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Low cost software solutions for NEC3 using Electronic Performance Support System EPSS approach, SAGE Line 50 and SAGE Payroll based solutions We help project teams to work smarter using GTD Getting Things Done methodology

Limited resources to prepare & administer NEC3 contracts?  Talk to us.  JIKS innovative software solutions support key NEC3 contract processes electronically, cut paperwork, improve efficiency and control - reducing administration costs.

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The slogan of our company is Low Cost High Impact Software Solutions. It is aimed to denote that at JIK Solutions (JIKS), we aim to create easy-to-use simple low cost software solutions based on existing software and open source software with shorter development time relative to more expensive alternatives with longer implmentation periods.

Regrdless of what industry your business competes in, if you are looking for a software solution (large or small) for whatever reason (improve your business performance, stay ahead of your competitors etc. ), we can help.

Our services focus on integrating the capabilities of the existing Microsoft Office software to deliver a powerful hybrid software solution with a rich set of capabilities that otherwise would be difficult if not impossible. In addition, there are so many low cost commercial and free software tools avaliable on the Internet (open source software such as PHP, MySQL) that can be integrated to further enhance the software solution. We certainly don't want to go to the trouble of reinventing the wheel. Since our software solutions are build on existing software, they always cost less. Once you know how to handle Microsoft Office software and email, you find that our software solutions are easy to use, fast and effective.

Having a wealth of experience in the construction industry, we believe our services will have an added benefit to you: the small to medium architecture, engineering and construction organisations. Since we already know most of your business needs you will spend less time telling us what you want. We may even have the right solution ready for you! For example, if you are looking for a software solution to make contract administration under NEC3 contract a lot easier, please look at our NEC3 Contract Administration solution

Our Services

General Services

  1. Deliver low cost software solutions capitalising on the capabilities of the existing software and the Internet.
  2. As a trainer and coach helping people who use email as the main method of business communication to work smarter not harder so that they work with more ease and less stress using GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology. GTD is the famous productivity enhancement methodology reducing stress caused by information overload. The basic concept of GTD is getting all "things" (in our case, all business communications) out of your "head" (in our case, the Inbox) into a "trusted system" (in our case, a pre-configured set of mail and file system folders)
  3. Improve or simplify long and complex business processes into smart automatic solutions.
  4. Microsoft Excel & Outlook VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) development and programming. We provide Excel and Outlook consultancy and customized business solutions that are user-friendly and cost-effective.
  5. Web based database solutions development using PHP and MySQL.
  6. Personal and Business web site development and hosting

Specialist Services

  1. Software solution for NEC3 contract administration:
    Microsoft Outlook based system for administration of compensation event procedure under NEC3 forms of contracts. The system is setup for maximum efficiency using GTD (Getting Things Done) principles. Using GTD terminology this forms the "trusted system" for contract administration.
    We can setup a GTD-enabled trusted system within a week including a project website for document sharing and collaborative working. Taking this one step further, if required, we also can organise running the system on behalf of the project team. This is a low cost (and low spec.) software solution for administration of NEC3 forms of contracts - a viable alternative to server based workflow systems, where the volume of traffic does not warrant the expense.
  2. Software solution for NEC3 contract compilation:
    Document compilation solution using PDF technology with or without the use of Acrobat software.
    We can provide a fully automated solution to compile NEC3 forms of contracts within a day.
  3. Software solutions for SAGE:
    Development of Microsoft Excel based solutions (example, project costing solutions) interfacing with SAGE Payroll and SAGE Line 50 software.
  4. Document management and team collaboration solutions using Microsoft SharePoint technologies

Software solutions with a difference

Our total solutions services (1+2+3) model comes very close to that required to deliver a low cost software solution for a fully-fledged Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) as shown below:

JIKS Services model for Electronic Performance Support System EPSS We help teams to work smarter using GTD Getting Things Done methodology

What does EPSS mean? Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS), by definition, means that it supports the user by making the technology to work for the user all the way through a process helping the user to perform better. It is a task enabling electronic system which provides the necessary information and guidance on demand and helps the user to perform the task without outside help.

Therefore, companies using process-oriented contracts such as the New Engineering Contract (NEC) (now in its third edition NEC3) can gain substantial benefits by using software support solutions especially designed using the EPSS approach.

We have already designed two low cost software solutions using the EPSS approach for:

  1. Contract compilation
  2. Contract administration
These are generic modules which can be customised to suit your project needs very quickly. We are the only company delivering solutions based on existing software (low cost) for NEC3 using the EPSS approach (high value).See EPSS solutions for NEC3.


We help project teams to work smarter using GTD Getting Things Done methodology

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